Advances & Scientific Merits in Biotechnology & Health Care

November 18-20, 2019 | Dubai, UAE

Theme: Linking Discovery to Innovation and Transforming Healthcare in the 21st Century

About the Conference

Biotechnology is the application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials by biological agents to provide products and services. It has evolved into a modern technology without which progress in agriculture, pharmaceutical industries and healthcare sector would be scarcely imaginable. In fact, the most exciting biotechnology advances of recent times are occurring at the microscopic level and smaller within the membranes of cells. Research and innovation in biotechnology have the potential to improve the lives of people around the world in the areas of agriculture, environment, healthcare, big data driven bioinformatics and industry. .

Health care has changed dramatically over the years through pioneering advances in biotechnology research and innovation and millions of people worldwide continue to benefit from therapeutics developed by research that helps to discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines to treat grievous illnesses. More than 50% of the pharmaceutical products are currently accounted by biopharmaceuticals, and the share is increasing. As companies continue to develop medicines that address significant unmet needs, future innovations in biotechnology research will bring exciting new advances to help millions more people worldwide..

In this background, Endling Scientific Merits, USA is pleased to announce an international conference on “Advances and Scientific Merits in Biotechnology and Health Care” scheduled during 18-20 November 2019 at Dubai, UAE

The theme of the conference is”Biotechnology - Linking Discovery to Innovation and Transforming Healthcare in the 21st Century”. The conference aims to promote research and developmental activities in Biotechnology and Healthcare and to encourage scientific information exchange between researchers, developers, students, and practitioners working around the World. The scientific program will feature live workshops, interactive education sessions, B2B meetings, round-table discussions apart from the conventional plenary sessions and oral presentation sessions on the research findings and challenging cases. The event will also provide an opportunity to share knowledge and channels for extending businesses between industry and academia

“This is a whole new era where we’re moving beyond little edits on single genes to being able to write whatever we want throughout the genome.”

George Church

Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School USA

Scientific Sessions

1. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

2. Plant and Agricultural Biotechnology

3. Food Biotechnology

4. Animal Biotechnology

5. Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering

6. Industrial and Microbial Biotechnology

7. Biosensors and Biomarkers

8. Genetics & Molecular Biotechnology

9. Biomedical Engineering

10. Medical Biotechnology and Bio Medical Engineering

11. Creation of Enzymes and Human Proteins

12. Biotechnology and Healthcare Products

13. Microbial and environmental Biotechnology

14. Virology, Nanotechnology, Immunology and Cell Biology

15. Clinical Trials in Health Care Biotechnology

16. Fermentation Technology

17. Pharmaceutical Microbiology

18. Drug discovery, development and molecular biology

19. Genomics and Genetic Engineering

20. Biosciences and Biomaterials

Target Audience

1. Biotechnologists

2. Microbiologists

3. Pharmacists

4. Researchers

5. Academic Scientists

6. Business entrepreneurs

7. Biotechnology Young Researchers

8. Biotechnology Faculty Members

9. Investors & Entrepreneurs

10. Biotechnology and genetics Associations and Societies

11. Business Entrepreneurs

12. Training Institutes

13. Worldwide Biotechnology Medicine Companies

14. Exhibitors and Sponsors

15. Professors and Students from Academia in the research of Biotechnology.

Memebers of Organizing Committee

Dr. Anil Kumar

Professor & Head (Retired) School of Biotechnology Devi Ahilya University, India

Prof. Ahmed G Hegazi

Professor of Microbiology & Immunology National Research Center Egypt

Dr. Amarjit Singh Sarpal

Head of Department at Optical Control System Germany

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Dr. Rosa Martha Desentis Mendoza

Universidad Panamericana, Mexico

Conference Venue

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+1 612 345 3834

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